Welcome to the City!

Mushroom Fleet has worked hard to bring you Shogunate RP, the latest full conversion made possible by FiveM and the vRP Framework. 
Hundreds if not Thousands of members of the GTA5 modding community have made it possible to customise a City with near limitless possibility.
We are only limited by the time we have and the feasibility/performance consideration of any mod available today.

To that end we have added every Vanilla Vehicle in GTA5 up (but not including at time of writing) the After Hours DLC. This amounts to over 500 drivable (or pilotable) vehicles. In addition, we have compiled a list of over 120 Custom Cars based on real life Vehicles.

Like some other RP Cities, we are looking for Players to become trained as Cops or EMS to help run the City. Unlike most RP Cities we have a northern Border Wall that stretches from east to west along Route 68, just south of Sandy shores in the east and Zancudo in the west. Emergency Services are instructed never to go north of the wall as this is a separate country and they have no juristiction.

The Corrupt Government in the North is operated by the Mafia Faction, although they are not alone north of the wall. Other Player-run whitelisted Factions include: Pirates, Military, Mercenary, Bikers, Sewer Rats, Nightclubs, Warboys, Packers and of course COP/EMS….

Although Speeding, Drifting and other forms of dangerous driving are illegal – we are running a “Drift Friendly” experience mixed with RP.
If you wish to use the DR!FT tool to modify the handling of vehicles, that is fine by us, be careful however as many custom cars have Drift Handling Setup already. 

You may be fined if caught, however this is all part of expected gameplay.
(resisting arrest always carries high fines, but your car will never be “crushed” for Drifting)

Most of all remember to use your Mic in game as you will be kicked if you do not speak in the City. 
Bannable offences include RDM (random deathmatch) & VDM (vehicle deathmatch).
We use the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” Rule. If a player puts up his hands, you cannot execute him in a robbery.
Play out your stories and most importantly HAVE FUN!

Full set of Rules and information is coming soon, we just opened this website today (4th September 2018)