Patch Notes

September 7th 2018, CHANGES TODAY:

  • Police, New Radar system
  • Vehicle Control Menu removed, now ” M ” sets your Cruise Control when driving.
  • Muscle Cars, Nightshade should now spawn correctly
  • Drift Garage at LSIA is no longer a Vintage Garage
  • Custom Exotics, Ferrarri Pista relabelled Ferrari 488 Pista
  • Kuruma replaced with Evo by Dunko’s now should be addon “evoc”
  • vanilla kuruma recovered.
  • Door Controls now in new Phone sub menu “Doors” 

September 6th 2018, CHANGES TODAY:

  • Radio Stations, New Stations and labelled in Radio Wheel
  • Repair Kits now available to all Citizens
  • Repair Kits now available in Markets
  • /repair command fixed, no more oil leaks!
  • /fix fixed, still has 5 second delay for fair play (cop/ems/admin only)
  • Coma Fixed, If EMS is online you must call them and wait when downed. If no EMS online push E to respawn at Hospital
  • Military, Cop, Mercenary & Mafia can now use Revive, if they have medical Kits
  • Robin Reliant handling Fixed

September 4th 2018,  CHANGES TODAY:

  • NEW !! Live map up and running here: 
  • 4 Vehicles added to Custom Exotic Garage
  • 6 Vehicles added to Drift Garage
  • 2 Vehicles added to Custom Car Garage
  • 1 Motorcyle added to Custom Bike Garage
  • New Radio Stations on “Non-Stop Pop” & “East Los FM”
  • more on the way while we setup radio stations!
  • New intro screen on spawn, rules will be here with whitelist applications as stated soon(tm)
  • Robin Reliant Handling Bug Fixed

September 2nd 2018,  CHANGES TODAY:

  • Upgraded public server to 8GB Ram and 32 Slots
  • Vintage Garage, 4 cars added
  • Custom exotic Garage, 7 cars added
  • PhantomHD and News Van added to Garages
  • Drift Garage, 5 cars added
  • Custom Motorcycles, 6 bikes added
  • Rally Garage Added, 3 locations near Rally Stages.
  • Custom Garage, 4 cars added
  • Remote CCTV Active
  • Speed Cameras Active
  • Fixed Robin Reliant

We now have 114 Custom Vehicles in Server (prices omitted)

Current Full List:

Remember! – all 550+ Vanilla Vehicles are ALSO in the game!
(obviously not including Early Hours DLC content)

August 31st 2018,  CHANGES TODAY:

  • Added Weazel News Frogger, Reporter Job on the way!
  • Akira Kaneda Bike added
  • 8 Stock Cars Cleared for new Garage
  • LSIA Racetracks updated
  • nuclear submarine passed testing for RP events

August 3th 2018,  CHANGES TODAY:

  • Cocaine Fixed
  • Chat upgraded, proximity and Action text added
  • Check Controls List: 
  • Stun Gun effect now lasts 15 seconds
  • Blackout from Crashes now lasts 15 seconds
  • Stamina is now Infinite! Run Forest Run!
  • Tattoo Shops now Open, discover new tattoos around the City
  • Driving Licenses added, (red text displays if you have no license)
  • DMV School practical test now uses Robin Reliant.
  • Police, mission row Armory moved.
  • Police mission row Helipad access fixed
  • Robin Reliant Fixed

August 3th 2018,  CHANGES TODAY:

  • New Drugs effects, Coke unchanged
  • Pink Unicorn closed when Nightclub faction is offline
  • Military, Mafia, Merc all now use Revive and Repair, buy Kits!
  • Fixed Robin Reliant